Architect Client Agreement Sample

The architect will meet all requirements within the time frames provided by this agreement under state standards and regulations. The architect undertakes to keep in touch with the owner regarding the budget, schedules and possible budgetary problems. The owner of the property in [Property.Adress] has expressed interest in the architect`s achievements in redeveloping, restructuring and redeveloping the aforementioned site. The owner assumes full financial responsibility for the restructuring of this property and has secured the financing to finance this restructuring. The architect has the experience and licenses to meet the needs of the owner, as well as all the contractual terms defined. Both sides are working to comply with this agreement willingly. Under no circumstances can a part of this agreement be carried out by a third party without the prior agreement of all parties involved. At the conclusion of this architect`s agreement, the architect makes available to the owner all the documents necessary for the approval of the owner or the state. The architect will provide the owner with the following services during the duration of this architect`s agreement: the architect and all associate representatives observe and verify all achievements no later than the 12th month following the conclusion of this architect`s agreement. During this observation, the architect will check if there are any defects, reminders and defects of all the achievements. The architect will inform the owner of these findings. The architect will follow all set schedules, unless a prior written notification has been sent to the owner. The architect submits Andy and all color fields or samples to approve the agreed ramp plan and budgeting policies.

The architect is in full understanding and will meet all the rules of the state regarding the design and structure of the property contained in this architect`s agreement. Both parties have adequate insurance for the duration of the architect`s agreement, as required by state regulations.